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Vanessa (Bell) and Jennifer (Morales) start an organic soda company and sign a big distribution deal that will take them to the next level. They even throw a party to celebrate the occasion. There’s only one problem: Jennifer is dead. Vanessa is subjected to a weekend alone in a rental full of party favors, and constant memories of her lost friend — that is, until an alien who looks exactly like Jennifer appears. Vanessa can’t believe what she is seeing at first, but once the alien begins recounting memories only Jennifer could know, Vanessa is still in total disbelief but has to admit something weird is happening. Alien Jennifer does not want to take over Earth or harm anyone, she simply wants to take notes on humans and Vanessa is her test subject. The unlikely pair ends up forging a tenuous bond that gives them both insight into what they want to know most, and what it means to have a meaningful connection with another person.

I’m Totally Fine Oyuncuları, Yönetmeni ve Ekibi

Natalie Morales

Jennifer/Extra Terrestrial

Kyle Newacheck

Smoking Towny

Harvey Guillén

DJ Twisted Bristle

Cyrina Fiallo

Megan (Jennifer's sister)


Natalie Morales

Executive Producer

Jillian Bell

Executive Producer
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I'm Totally Fine